Zero Waste Hair Care

Reducing haircare waste

Reducing the amount of waste your haircare regime creates is a no-brainer. Zero waste hair care is where it is at.

Most shampoo bottles are plastic.  Ignoring the horrific volume of oil used to make and transport the bottles, I’ll focus on the trash that is created.

Over 90% of plastic bottles aren’t recycled, so that means that almost all of them end up in a landfill.  The average time for a bottle to biodegrade is almost 500 years (some take 1,000 years!).

If you use a bottle of shampoo and condition each month (be honestly, it’s usually more), and you live for, say, 90 years, then you could use around 2,000 bottles. 

That is trash that YOU create, that could be around for over 500 years.  Now multiply that by the number of people in the world….  It’s just scary.  And that’s just shampoo – add hair products, and all of the other plastic that you use in your day to day life.  Yuck.

Zero waste hair care shampoo bars

Most shampoo bars are zero-waste.  They come in biodegradable cardboard packaging that will biodegrade to nothing within weeks.

One shampoo bar is equivalent to 2-3 ordinary bottles of shampoo. That, and the fact that you’ll need to wash your hair LESS, means that you have the potential to reduce the amount of plastic in our world.

That’s a good enough reason for me to make the switch to zero waste hair care.

There is a shampoo bar (also known as solid shampoo) for every hair type. If you want to try a few to find what works for you, my favorite beauty company make a great hair sampler pack with some smaller bars, including a conditioner bar.

If you know what type of hair you have, you can check out our recommendations for dry, curly, oily, dandruff, fine or silver / blonde hair in by clicking here.



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