Shampoo bars for different hair types

Do shampoo bars suit every hair type?

Of course they do! Just as regular shampoo is made for various hair characteristics, there are shampoo bars for different hair types. Shampoo bars contain ingredients that can target your type of hair. 

There are shampoo bars for everyone. Whether your hair is dry, oily, thin, thick, frizzy, curly, straight, if you have dandruff or a sensitive scalp… just look for the right ingredients.  The table below shows what you can look for, to make sure you select the best shampoo bar for your hair type.

Shampoo bar recommendations

Here are the shampoo bars I recommend. You’ll see I’m a bit fan of Ethique products! You can click on each picture to view the product on Amazon, check out reviews and if you like, buy one. Because we like to save money, the bars we have recommended are all reasonably priced at around $15, sometimes less.

Remember – each bar is equivalent to at least three regular bottles of shampoo, so switching to shampoo bars ends up saving money. Not to mention, since using shampoo bars I need to wash my hair less, and some people don’t need conditioner either. Win win – for your bank balance and for the environment.

Hair Type



Dry hair

Contains coconut oil and cocoa butter, and moisturizes without any greasiness.

Curly hair

(same as for dry hair)
This is what I use on my curly hair!  Curly hair is prone to dryness and frizz.  This shampoo smoothes your hair without weighing it down to much. Recommend!

Oily hair

Includes orange and lime oils, with no harsh 'stripping' ingredients. After using this you probably won't even need conditioner!

Dandruff, flakey scalp

Dandruff  looks nasty and normally comes with a super itchy scalp.  This shampoo has kiwifruit oil, coconut oil, neem oil, oatmeal and karanja oil - great for soothing that itchiness.

Fine hair

If you need to add a bit of volume and bounce, this is for you.
It contains orange, cinnamon, ginger and salt (salt adds the volume).
It also smells amazing!

Silver or blonde hair

This one is great for keeping that brassy yellowness away.  Perfect if you are a silver fox / vixen, or a light blondy.

You can find a list of common ingredients for different hair types here.

There is only one conditioner I love. NOTHING comes close to Ethique products for conditioner bars. I love the green one below (click to see / purchase on Amazon).

So if you know where to look, you can find a lot of options when it comes to shampoo bars for different hair types.

Making your own shampoo bars

I you want to make your own shampoo bar and tailor it specifically to your hair type, then you need to check out:

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