Shampoo Bar Recipes

If you want to learn how to make shampoo bars, here is a selection of easy recipes.  Just pick the shampoo bar recipe that you like the sound of,  and try! 

It’s not difficult, much like following a basic food recipe. You need normal kitchen equipment for measuring, some safety gear, a mold and the right ingredients, and you are sorted!

You can use individual soap molds, or you can use a larger mold and then cut the shampoo bars up afterwards.

A recipe will make more than one shampoo bar. You can keep them all, give them away (they make great gifts), or use them as regular soap (I find them great a regular soap too, as they are generally very moisturizing). Because shampoo bars can also be used as regular soap, so you can never make too many.

Click on the image below that interests you – we have recipes for shampoo, detox masks, dog shampoo bars, lye-free shampoo bars, shampoo bars using premade melt and pour bases, coconut oil shampoo bars and even how to make your own lye!

I update this page quite regularly, so you can keep coming back for more.