Hair Conditioner Bar Recipe

Is there such thing as a hair conditioner bar? Well, yes. Just like you have liquid shampoo and liquid conditioner, you can use solid shampoo bars and solid conditioner bars. This post gives you a DIY conditioner bar recipe you can make and try at home.  Sometimes, shampoo bar users find that they don’t need […]

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Shampoo Bars for Pets

It’s not just us people that can switch from regular shampoo to solid shampoo bars. If you are looking for a natural dog soap, then you should consider shampoo bars for pets. We had a big hairy wriggly golden retriever, and he needed shampooing regularly. He had long hair and it didn’t take long (or

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Hair Conditioner Bars

What about conditioner? Good question! A lot of people find that when they start using shampoo bars regularly, that they don’t need to condition their hair.   That’s nice for those people, but I have dry, frizzy, curly hair, and I most definitely DO need a conditioner. Hello hair conditioner bars. Do conditioner bars work?

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