Shampoo Bar Storage

This post covers shampoo bar storage. There is a trick you need to know when storing your solid shampoo.  You don’t want your bars to stay wet and soggy.  They need to dry out between uses (so don’t leave them sitting in a puddle of water in your shower).

If they stay wet, they will go soft and you will go through the bar much faster. Not to mention, it’s hard to take a soggy soap bar with you when you are travelling!

If you keep them dry, shampoo bars will last much longer, and won’t leave a slimy mess in your shower.


I’ve split this post into two parts – shampoo bar storage ideas for in the bathroom at home, and storage ideas for when you are travelling and on the go.

How to store your shampoo bars in the shower

For storing shampoo bars in the shower, all you need is a regular soap holder that lets the water drain off, or a shampoo bar bag.

You want a shampoo bar dish that either has slots in the in the bottom of the dish, or one that has bumps that “hold” the shampoo bar above any water that drips off it. Excess water will drain though the slots into a dish (normally below). I tend to use the drained water the next time I wash my hair – no need to waste it! If there is nothing below to collect the drips, then the water will drain into the shower or onto your shower shelf. This might leave a slimy mess, which is easily avoided.

I prefer plastic-free, and luckily there are lost of options – mostly bamboo / wood, stainless steel or plastic alternatives (sugar cane is a popular option).

  • Bamboo or wood. You can get soap or shampoo bar dishes made of bamboo or wood. These look great and totally fit with the eco-friendly option – no more plastic!
  • Stainless steel is another option. This will really last the distance. I don’t like the sound of steel in the shower when I inevitably drop the dish or knock it off the shelf, so I don’t use one. But the benefit is that it is easy to clean, always looks new and will last forever.
  • Plastic alternatives. Ethique (best shampoo bar brand ever!) make a shower storage dish. It looks a bit like plastic, but it’s actually made of bamboo and sugar cane. 100% biodegradable and plastic free. This is a great option if you want a “lid” on your shampoo bar dish, or want a particular colour.
  • A “bar bag” is another option. There are lots of patterns and instruction if you are crafty and want to crochet or knit your own. The are inexpensive to buy though, so you have options

Check out some examples of all four shampoo bar storage ideas on Amazon, below.

How to store your shampoo bars while you are travelling

While travelling, you want to make sure your shampoo bar will stay dry and that it won’t rub on to your other things.  I just wrap mine in kitchen baking paper or reuseable beeswax food wraps, (click to check out, they are amazing). but you can use a container too.

Any small container will do – just make sure your shampoo bar is dry (or almost dry) before you put it in.

If, like me, you are trying to avoid plastic, then you can consider:

  • Metal tin – if you have a candy tin, or even a cool retro tobacco tin, don’t throw it away! These make really cute on-the-go options for travelling with shampoo bars and soap. Bonus – they last forever and and easy to wash.
  • Beeswax wraps. These are usually sold as food wrapping, but I find they are perfect for wrapping a shampoo, conditioner or soap bar. They fit to the size of your bar and the warmth of your hands forms a seal – no mess. They are 100% biodegradable too. Beeswax wraps last for a really long time (at least a year). When you are finished or want a new one, you can cut it up and put it in your compost bin. The come in lots of cute patterns and different size options. If you are crafty, have cotton, beeswax and jojoba oil, you can even make your own.
  • Bamboo soap box. I’ve never seen them in any store I’ve been to, but they are available online. You want to make sure you find a box with a lid. These look great, and again, support a plastic-free bathroom theme.

If you are ok with plastic, you’ll have a million options. Try to go for one that looks solid and won’t crack. You might even have one in the kitchen you can re-purpose.

Check out the following options on Amazon.

Notes on shampoo bar storage

The most important thing is to let the shampoo bars dry out between uses. If you put it in a container while it’s still really wet, you risk it disintegrating in the box and arriving to a mushy mess, or a soft shampoo bar.

I don’t recommend glass for a few reasons. It’s hard to find an option that keeps the bar dry, and, well, broken glass shards all over your shower or though your suitcase doesn’t sound ideal does it?

Stick with wood, bamboo, stainless steel or plastic alternatives.

Whatever you use to store your shampoo and conditioner bars, remember:




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