Hair Conditioner Bars

What about conditioner?

Good question! A lot of people find that when they start using shampoo bars regularly, that they don’t need to condition their hair.   That’s nice for those people, but I have dry, frizzy, curly hair, and I most definitely DO need a conditioner. Hello hair conditioner bars.

Do conditioner bars work? Yes – if you find the right one!

Solid hair conditioner isn’t as common as solid shampoo, but it is most definitely available.  Note that a conditioner bar will take longer to rinse out of your hair than regular hair conditioner – use warm / hot water and rinse for ages.  You can also follow up with a vinegar rinse if you like.  This is especially recommended if you live in an area with hard water (see here).

The best conditioner bars for curly hair

I spent a long time looking for the best conditioner bars for curly hair. Chances are if you are looking for conditioner bar info, you have curly or dry hair like mine. I think I’ve tried about five different conditioning bars, and I’ve also tried making my own. 

None of them compare to the conditioner bars made by Ethique – they are amazing. I am happy to splurge because I know it works, it lasts for a really long time and because of this, it’s still cheaper than buying ordinary conditioner.

Ethique make a great natural hair conditioner – containing natrual ingredients that will keep your hair soft, but not out of control fluffy. It really does help tame the frizz!

There are options for normal / dry hair, for babies (smells really good), or you can buy a sample set of Ethique’s products if you want to be sure they are right for you. 



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