Making your own hand sanitizer

What’s so great about it? People have gone crazy about hand sanitizer, thanks to COVID-19. Never mind that washing your hands with soap and water is a better option than using had sanitizer, everyone wants it anyway. But really, hand sanitizer is a great option for killing bugs and germs on the go.  Sometimes (especially […]

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Hard water and Soft water

Do you know what kind of water you are washing your hair in?  Hard water vs soft water? Most water is described as soft or hard.  This post explains the difference, explains what this means for your hair and gives you some suggestions (spoiler: you don’t need to buy a special hard water shampoo. The

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What is in a Shampoo Bar?

Have you ever wondered what is in a shampoo bar, when looking for chemical free options? There are three basic components that most solid hair bars are made of:  You can use different oils, an alternative to lye (glycerine) and you can add essential oils or colors, but the basic components are the same for

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