How to save money with Shampoo Bars

Can you save money by switching to shampoo bars

Have you ever wondered how much money you could save by replacing your liquid shampoo with a solid shampoo bar? Well, we have worked it out for you. You can definitely save money with shampoo bars – and conditioner bars – and beauty bars in general!

This post includes:

  • How much one person usually spends on shampoo
  • What the equivalent cost would be if you switched to solid shampoo bars
  • How much will you save?
  • What else you can do to reduce costs and increase the savings with personal care and beauty products.

How much does the average person spend on shampoo?

A regular bottle of shampoo might cost, on average, about $10.  And that’s not even a fancy shampoo.  It might last, say, a month.  That means you’ll be spending about $120 each year on regular liquid shampoo.

For one person, that’s $1,200 every 10 years.  If you live to 80 years of age, you will have used about 720 bottles of shampoo at a cost of almost $10,000!

For an average family of four, that would be four times as much, so you are looking at tens of thousands of dollars.

What is the equivalent cost of using shampoo bars?

A shampoo bar can cost about $15 (or a lot less, especially if you make it yourself – click here for recipes).  Because one shampoo bar is equivalent to 3-4 bottles of regular shampoo, you can expected one bar to last between three and four months.  Let’s say three months, meaning you’ll need to spend $60 on shampoo bars every year.

For one person, that’s $600 every 10 years, or $4,800 over a lifetime – a lot less than the $10,000 you would have spent on regular liquid shampoo. Click below to see some shampoo bar options on Amazon, that suit every budget.

So how much money do you save by using shampoo bars?

A lot!  By replacing your regular liquid shampoo with a shampoo bar you can save $60 each year.

That doesn’t sound like much –  but that’s just the savings if ONE person in your family makes the change.  If a family of four people makes the change, that’s $240 per year of savings, or $2,400 every 10 years.  Over a lifetime (say, 80 years), your family will save almost $20,000.

If you all also replace your regular conditioner with a solid conditioner bar, You double the savings.  If you go even further and use beauty bars for moisturizer, soap and face cleanser, the costs keep going down, and the savings keep going up.

We’ve made a handy diagram for you.  This one shows how much money you can save if you \ use solid shampoo bar instead of regular liquid shampoo.

The graph below shows cost savings per person, over 20 years, just by making this one small change.

Shampoo bar savings

Even more savings

You can multiply the amounts above by four if you want to see a lifetime of savings!  Multiply the amounts by four if you are a a family of four.  You can multiply it by 16 to get a whopping $80,000 savings if four people only use shampoo bars for their entire lives.  That is huge! It gets better.

It’s so easy to do.  There is a shampoo bar to suit every hair type and every age.  From fuzzy baby hair, to curly, straight, thick, fine, flaky, dry, oily, colored and even silver hair.  

Read more about choosing a shampoo bar to suit your hair type here.

Are you impressed about how much money you can save by using shampoo bars? 



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